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SolarPaces2019 - Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Instructions for Poster Presentations

With the SolarPACES 2021 getting closer, we would like to give you instructions on how to prepare and upload your poster presentation.

We will provide an Online Conference Platform on which all posters will be displayed during the whole conference. It will also remain accessible after the conference for a month.  In addition all posters will be displayed in the password secured Internal Area on the conference website after the conference for another year.

On the conference platform, the poster may be set up and edited directly within the platform. For the internal area we ask you to prepare your poster as PDF and optionally also prepare a short video with explanations. (The PDF and video may also be uploaded to your poster in the conference platform.)

Your poster session will take place at the time and date given in the detailed conference program. During the poster session should be logged in to the conference and available for questions and discussion with the conference participants.


Instructions for video and pdf files:

  • You are asked to prepare your poster as a single page PDF file, preferably in landscape format, since it will mostly be displayed on computer screens.
  • Your poster presentation video(mp4 format) should not be longer than 5 minutes.
  • Start the presentation with a preview of your poster and a short introduction of yourself.
  • We recommend making your short video by recording a number of ppt slides together with audio explanations, using PowerPoint (Microsoft Office) to record your speech. Additionally, you have the option to use your webcam and add a recording of yourself in the lower-right corner of your presentation. Please find an Office tutorial here.
    If you are more familiar with other video recording tools, you are of course welcome to use those to create the mp4 file.
  • We recommend that you not include your email address in the PDF file to prevent unsolicited emails.


Poster upload (Internal Area):

  • All files (PDF and mp4) must be uploaded by Monday, September 20 at the latest.
  • Once the upload is open, registered poster authors will automatically receive a personal upload link by email.
  • Please note that consent for publication for both the video presentation and the poster PDF must be given during the upload process.


Poster session:

  • During the virtual poster session, you must be logged in to the Online Conference Platform and be available to answer questions from attendees. You will receive further instructions by email  prior to the conference start.
  • You can find the exact time of your poster session in the online program. Please note that all times are shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Set up you poster on the Online Conference Platform

As poster author you will get access to the platform two weeks before the conference starts. We will send you your login details and instructions in time.

Your poster should be ready by Monday, September 20 at the latest.

You may set-up your poster as follows:

  • To create a poster in Scoocs, the Online Conference Platform we will be using, we will send you the login details about two weeks before the conference starts.
  • Once you are logged in, click “Poster Area” on the left menu. Then click on the “Create Booth” button at the top.
  • You can now introduce the name of your poster and an email (or several) for notifications. At this step, it is important to pick the  “Poster Booth” type.
    Please name your poster with the “Poster Code - Poster Title”; e.g: C-03 - Poster Title 
    You may find your poster code in the online program.
  • Now you can put a banner, if needed, and complete the poster content (text, pictures, videos…).
  • You can also complete your social media networks.
  • Please set a “Booth networking table” by marking the box at the bottom. Set-up the networking table for the duration of the conference.
  • If you would like to upload a PDF of your poster, please find instructions in a video here.
  • If you are finished, click on the “Save” button.
  • To see your poster, click on “View Booth” on top of the page.
  • Once your poster is ready, you will have to click on the “Active” box at the top of the page to make it visible, then again on “Save”. See image below (in yellow):
  • If you click on “Poster Booths” on the left menu, you should be able to see your poster by clicking the name or the banner of the booth you just created.
  • If you wish to re-edit your poster booth, click first on “visit”, then again on “edit booth”.



On-demand availability of content after the conference:

After the conference, all poster PDFs and video presentations will be available to registered conference attendees on the Online Conference Platform for a certain time. They will also be available in the Internal Area of the conference website for a longer period.

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Important Dates

SolarPACES 2022: September 26-30, 2022


For any questions, please contact: info[at]solarpaces-conference[dot]org

For sponsorship options please contact: sponsor[at]solarpaces-conference[dot]org


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